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on their profiles attracted a huge response from readers. An attack yeilds a bruised eye. Information on the Northern Tolkien Festival '94. "Eowyn" by Christine Davidson,. " Library." "Mapa Ardy. Palarranar, the Geography Guild (the guild is nowadays dormant). The further adventures of Bilbo Brandybuck: News of the fortunes of the people of the Reunited Kingdom and Bilbo's official and familial duties; and, the continuation of Lalia Lobelia's Tale: The condition of the burned out inn is described. "Reviews: Tolkien's World, Pictures by jrrt" by Victoria Clare,. "Bilbo's reading tips 7". Meeting report from Talath Aer subdivision of Oslo, Norway. "Gillesmästare!" by Immanuel Johansson,. "Kings of Air and Arda" by Denis Collins,. "Sought for!" Call for help with bazaar.

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White tower Buckland News 60 (12 December 1993) "Buckleburg, 12 Foreyule 3225 Fourth Age (12 December 1993 according to the Big Folk's Reckoning by Andrzej Kowalski, translated by Agnieszka Sylwanowicz,. Inn de Oude Delft (Ge Scholten, Oost Indieplaats 37, Delft, The Netherlands). A traditional Russian song is turned around to ask where Thorin. Sale of old issues of Beyond Bree. The second supplement to the catalogue Die Inklings-Bibliothek listing works acquired from 15 December 1992 to 1 September 1993.

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